Right Medical Alarm Service For You

For senior citizens who are living on their own, medical alerts can provide peace of mind for family members. A reliable medical alert system can make the difference between self-determining living and costly in-home care centers when you’re concerned about the well-being of an elderly loved one who is living on their own.

Shopping around for the right medical alert system or medical alarm service can be awesome. You may find so many quality sources, each having their own pros and cons.

The first thing that you should consider before buying a medical alarm is whether or not you need a simple call button or a medical monitoring system.

A medical monitoring system is a system that can be worn around the upper body. It can monitor your physical vitals like heart rate, temperature and movement. But this system should not be used as a diagnostic tool, but relatively to complement professional health assistance from your physician.

Contrasting the call button, a medical monitoring system transmits the collected health data to a monitoring call center and if required, this information can also be shared online with a team of medical specialists.

A perfect medical monitor is waterproof, light in weight and easy to maintain. Although these advanced devices are more costly than the out-dated call or panic button worn by seniors, they provide an added layer of protection. Usually monitoring systems come with fall detection feature but often times they can detect a very sudden and violent fall.

When a person falls down in their home, they do not hit the surface very hard. Sometimes they just fall down and most monitoring systems will not be able to sense it. A medical monitoring device is more sensitive than the traditional ones.

It can spot when the patient is not moving or seems to be in an unusual position by making use of data such as

• Skin temperature
• Rate of movements
• Heart rate and position of the device

Whenever a medical monitoring center detects anything unusual, the expert call center responder will try to contact the person, just to make sure that everything is okay. If they’re able to talk with the person and assured that it was a false alarm, they do not essentially alert the other family members exceptwhen specifically instructed to do so.

And in the cases where that person is not able to speak with them then they will follow a pre-designed protocol to provide the proper level of care. This may comprise of:

•Calling family members
•Calling next-door neighbours
•Calling emergency workers, when appropriate

There is one shortcoming of the medical monitoring device and that is it is slightly costly than a basic panic button service. Also, this device has to be worn across the torsounder the clothing which may not be liked by your loved ones.

But, the good news is that once the device is set up and worn by the person, it will hardly be noticed. These monitoring devices are designed to support a care program that is created by your expert health-care professional. The best strategy is to be well informed.