How To Take The Perfect Ice bath

Usually, at the end of our day at work, we get extremely tired . We losses our energy to do anymore work after that. At that time, our body needs a massage or a  hot bath therapy, which will provide a complete relaxation  to  our body.

But the option of  ice bath is much better than any third option.You can also go with the option of ice bath.

According to expert’s   suggestion, an ice bath therapy is the best among all other relaxation therapies. You can also use portable ice bath, for your comfort. 

Many experienced coaches who have worked with some of the famous athletes, also believe that an ice bath is not only perfect for an athlete, but is also beneficial for everyone.

How does it work:

After your workout, your body is completely exhausted; the ice bath helps to repair your tissues and removes the toxins from your body. It also helps to reduce the swelling from  your body.

It  warms your muscles, and increases the blood circulation of your body. When the blood circulation of your body increases, your mind feels relaxed. 

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So, if you also want to take the  perfect ice bath you’ll have to consider some of the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • Everyone has  their own threshold or tolerating point, so use the cold or ice water according to your comfort.
  • The  recommended  duration for  an ice bath is 6-8 minutes. So, don’t exceed the time for more than 10  minutes.
  • Avoid using very  cold water, because it can be dangerous for your health.

Apart from all these tips there are lots of benefits of  cold water bath. Let’s discuss some of these:

  • The increase in  blood circulation due to the ice bath, helps to decrease the DOMS (Delayed Onsets Muscles Soreness)
  • The ice water bath also helps to increase your body’s metabolism and reduces your body fats.
  • Ice bath improves your skin color and makes your hair healthy.