Can Chiropractic Successfully Treat Scoliosis?

Chiropractic is the medical profession, deals with treating diseases and conditions of the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

One of the standard procedures involved in a chiropractic clinic is spinal manipulation which means alignment of spinal joints mainly on the back through massage, surgery, exercises etc.

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Exercise therapy involved to mobilize spinally is same like physical therapy and involves strengthening and stretching of the body. Chiropractors of scoliosis clinic Singapore have got a highly qualified training in diagnosing scoliosis.

One of the studies that have established the efficiency of spinal manipulation and treatment of scoliosis has resulted in providing the best solution for treating scoliosis and that is using a grouping of manipulative and rehabilitative treatment.

This study was considered as the beginning of chiropractic in the treatment of scoliosis. One of the reasons why this study become popular is due to rehabilitative therapy which actually refers to the spinal weighting exercises than physical therapy exercises.

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Spinal weighting protocol refers to the neuromuscular training which means placing of weights on the patient’s back, hips, shoulder and head in order to attain a change in the center mass of the body which helps in altering the spine’s wrong alignment.

Scoliosis exercises were not popular before but with the advancements in the medical industry, applications of new spinal weighting process reductions in the spinal curvature and also helped in eliminating small curves before they progress further.

Only a few chiropractors are trained properly to implement these exercises and who have an idea of treating long term reductions and severe cases of scoliosis such as idiopathic cases.

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With the help of combining spinal manipulation, softening of muscle tissues which are surrounding the spine and latest spinal weighting exercises featured with scoliosis cantilever, balance disc has helped chiropractic profession to be in the ring and also be a successful scoliosis treatment option for scoliosis patients.