Few Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Hormone Replacement Therapy

With aging, all sort of health problems is bound to happen like the weak immune system, skin problems, heart disease and other age-related problems. Though it is inevitable, you can minimize its effect by taking the right solution at right time.

One of the effective solutions to reduce the effects of age is Hormone Replacement Therapy. You may hear many things about hormone replacement therapy but you need to understand what treatment is best and safe for you before making any decision.

hormone donor

Whether the hormonal therapy is safe or not it completely depends on the hormone received by an individual. Bio-identical hormones are generally used for hormone supplementation program. Bio-identical hormones are identical in chemical structure and biological functions to the ones present in your body.

Many physicians are using designer hormones which are not safe for human body. These designer hormones are created by scientist or pharmaceutical company and may cause health issues when taken for the long term. On the other hand, bio identical hormone treatment is the safest and most widely used treatment for hormone therapy.

hormone structure

Before starting hormone supplementation program it is necessary to visit the professional first. Whether you need human growth hormone supplementation depends on the IGF-1 blood test.

Generally, people started taking FDA-approved hormone supplements on their own. You may require only a certain kind of hormone. A professional ensure the right amount of supplementation needed. Hormone comes in the various forms such as pills, creams, patches, powder, and capsules.


Like any other treatment, your doctor decides the dosage required as par the treatment. Before starting a hormone replacement therapy make sure hormone supplemented to your body are bio-identical hormones which are safer for health. You can browse this website to know more about bio-identical hormones.