Relieve Neck Pain and Stiffness

Stress & poor postural habits play a large part in the common complaint of neck pain & stiffness.

Stress can be in the kind of mental stress or physical stress, causing pain in the neck & upper back. Sayings such as, “Carrying the world on your shoulders” & “He’s a pain in the neck” are examples or stress-induced neck pain.

Physical stress can be macro-trauma such as whiplash from a automobile accident or micro-trauma such as the effects of poor posture over time.

Poor postural habits in the coursework of every day activities, such as sitting at work, can lead to muscular imbalances & bony structural changes that will ultimately lead to pain or discomfort. Here are tips to relieve & further prevent non-traumatic neck pain & stiffness.

Manage your Mental Stress

First, notice how your body feels when you start to stress. Bring awareness to your body’s first signals of stress. Do you feel it first in your stomach? Does your heart pound faster? Does your mind start thinking off-track? What specifically happens to you at the onset of stress? One time you can identify your preliminary reactions to stress, then you can quickly use stress-reduction tools to manage & reduce stress before it escalates to unhealthy levels. Did you know…It is estimated that sixty to ninety percent of doctor visits are stress-related.

Another tool is to practice yoga regularly. Yoga incorporates deep breathing & creates a mind-body connection. Stress reduction is a proven health benefit of practicing yoga. Exercise, in general, is an excellent kind of stress management.