All About Lab Safety Rules And Regulation

Working in a laboratory is not an easy task as one has to be very cautious while performing the tests. In science laboratories, various tests are performed that can be dangerous as involves various chemical and fire and many other risky procedures.

It is important to have proper rules that must be followed to avoid any mishap. If you are looking for laboratories in New York to work with then you should search it online by typing the query ‘medical laboratories in NY’ and will get the relevant results.


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Any single mistake in a medical laboratory will lead to a disastrous accident. So, it is suggestible to work seriously and must follow the rules working performing test.  

There are various lab rules and regulation are formed which are essential to follow while working in a lab that is mentioned below:

Every laboratory has a fire alarm and safety sign board. You should be aware of all the fire alarm signs and should follow them in case of an emergency. Moreover, you must know how to control the fire with the fire extinguisher.

Lab Safety Rule

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Every building and clinic have proper evacuation doors and windows that are used in case of emergency. So, make sure you are aware of these facilities in your laboratory building.

The most important thing that should be present in every laboratory is first aid box, eye wash station, especially in the molecular pathology lab. These should be present in a proper place so that it can be used in case of any mishap.

Lab Rules

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If you medical laboratory is using the carcinogens and lasers test then these test should be performed in different place of the laboratory and should be marked with the warning signs.

It is always suggestible to work under your senior if you have just joined the clinical lab. Never perform any test without the permission of a lab manager. These precautions will prevent any disastrous mishap.