Assistive Technology For Seniors And People With Disabilities

Many senior citizens or people with disabilities or injuries make use of assistive technology-tools, products, or varied kinds of equipment that help people perform tasks and activities.

To offer assist prod-pers care/safety to the seniors and disables, lots of NGOs joined hands to make their life simpler but independent.

Anything that helps the elderly continue to do daily activities in the context of in home care is measured as an assistive technology.

Here is small list of Assistive Technology Preferences and Devices

Communication equipment – This is whatsoever that aids somebody in sending and receiving messages, for example telephone speaker.

Education – This category includes audio books, Braille writing tools, and resources for people to get additional vocational training.

Home modifications – This can include some remodeling to overcome physical barriers and live more comfortably. This assistance is named as “assistive prod-household task”.

Mobility aids – This is any maneuver that permits a senior citizen to pass around more effortlessly, with a wheelchair lift, a power wheelchair, or even a stair elevator.

Home modifications – This can include some remodeling to overcome physical barriers and live more comfortably. An example is constructing a ramp to allow wheelchair access.

Tools for independent living – This is anything that allows senior citizens to enjoy daily life without additional assistance. For example, a handicapped-accessible bathroom with grab bars in the bathtub.

Recreational assistance – This is a method or device that enables people with disabilities to enjoy fun activities. A couple examples are swimming lessons from recreational therapists and specially made skis for senior citizens care who have lost a limb.

Transportation assistance – This set comprises of devices for senior citizens that enable getting into and out of automobiles and driving safely, counting modifiable seats, mirrors, and steering wheels.

Drive-up openings at the department of motor vehicles that permit the elderly to maintain and register their vehicles are also included.

There is so much to offer them; these are just to name a few. Read this full post to get to know more about this amazing technology.