Importance of Record keeping in the Farming Industry

The farming industry has risen a level up with advanced automated machines & self-automated managing software. These automated machines and software not only make it easy to manage farming activities in an organized way but also reduces the labor force.

This article aimed to provide the information how keeping organized herd records can help you in to increase your business productivity & profitability.

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As compared to manual record the automated record keeping system is not only reliable but also time efficient and easy to use. You can retrieve and fetch desire information in real time.  

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What is it to ‘keep records’?

What are the basic methods to identify your herd? How would you organize them if you need to conduct a vaccine test for cattle?  Record keeping is a way to identify your cattle and to keep their relevant information that can help you to make good decisions and to keep track of activities, production and important events on a farm.

Records can be about any performance of the animals, health of animals, economic development, or any activity of the farmer or veterinarian. It is important to keep record keeping simple and to keep records systematic.

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The records can help you in the following ways;

  • To  determine the overall  profitability of various techniques used at the farm
  • To track your memory on what you did and/or what happened
  • In various farming decision making, especially on a strategic level
  • In various comparisons (efficiency of use of inputs, such as land, and capital, for example when implementing new/alternative systems)
  • Help the farmer/investor in improving the efficiency of the farm’s operations
  • Help you to invest wisely in future

You can evaluate your livestock &  breeding records easily. You can also find this additional page informative to learn more benefits of record keeping in the farming industry.