Introduction To Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is process that includes the restoration of breast into their original shape and size after a mastectomy or any other condition. There are some patients who even opt for the reconstruction surgery for areola area.

The plastic and reconstructive surgery has become popular amongst youth. If you are thinking of such a surgery then make sure you choose the right surgeon.

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Losing your breasts into a mastectomy is hard physically, mentally, and emotionally. A breast augmentation will restore your torso to the way it looked before you became ill, so your self-image will once more match your physical appearance. Breast reconstruction is a means that will assist you proceed after cancer treatment, reclaiming your body and your life.

As soon as you’ve the procedure, you may no longer have to use a breast form to fill out one side of your bra or bathing suit (if you had a single mastectomy).

While the reconstructed breast will look and feel differently than your normal breast when you aren’t wearing any clothes, your body will recover balance and proportion. If you are looking for surgeon who is expert in breast reduction in Brisbane then you should check it online once.

A woman who has had a mastectomy has a couple of choices when it comes to breast augmentation. The most common way of rebuilding the breast is by using breast implants. You may select saline implants or silicone implants. Saline implants consist of a shell full of salt water.

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Silicone implants are strong pieces made of a soft silicone gel which feels similarly to human fatty tissue. Your plastic surgeon can allow you to choose the kind of implant that is most appropriate for your situation.

If you choose to get breast reconstruction with implants, there’s another choice: immediate breast reconstruction and delayed reconstruction. Immediate breast reconstruction occurs during the exact same operation as the mastectomy. Your oncology surgeon removes the breast, and the plastic surgeon places the implant to replace the missing tissue.