Invisalign Procedure – An Effective Alternative to Braces

A smile is a  key feature in everyone’s personality. Everyone wants to have a perfect smile which is possible only when you have good teeth formation. Some people are being deprived of straight teeth and hence of a confident smile.

Do you want to straighten your messed teeth? Dentists in Manhasset NY provides the best facilities of Invisalign procedure. Your teeth formation have an effect on the shape of your mouth looks.

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North Shore Dental services provide you with the best and professional dentists for Invisalign procedure. Earlier metal braces are used which are highly noticeable and are unpleasant for your personality. Following is the information regarding Invisalign procedure:

  1. Instead of metal braces, plastic aligners are used which help in positioning your teeth to the right place.
  2. Invisalign are custom made, means your dentist will take proper measurement of your teeth and then Invisalign is designed to correct the position of teeth.
  3. Invisalign aligners are changed a number of times during your treatment period. Aligners are changed gradually to help teeth to take their proper position.Manhasset Dental Arts
  4. Clear plastic is used in Invisalign aligners so they appear invisible to the onlookers and are more comfortable as compared to the metal braces.
  5. Invisalign aligners can be removed easily while brushing or eating. You can remove and use them without the assistance of your dentist.
  6. The time period of treatment depends on the misalignment of your teeth. It may take from 6 months to 24 months.

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Invisalign procedure is far effective than the metal braces. It is also more comfortable than the traditional metal braces. Using Invisalign aligners you will not feel any pain which is frequent using metal braces.

If you want to undergo Invisalign procedure find an expert in this field. Click on this link to know about the tips to find a good dentist in your area. Hope this article helps you to get the information about Invisalign procedure.