Saliva Drug Testing – A Great Option For Workplace And Home

Nowadays the use of illegal drugs is increasing, it has become essential to detect and prevent drug users from addiction.  With drug testing, you can detect the presence of the drug in an individual’s biological system.

Drug testing can be performed through urine, saliva, hair, and blood tests. In saliva drug testing the traces of the drug are detected in saliva of an individual.  Multi panel drug test cup can also be drug testing.

Saliva drug testing is performed at the workplace and home. This method of drug testing is preferred by employers as it can be done on-site. Employers usually perform drug testing before employing a candidate or after an accident at the workplace.


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Drug tests can be performed either on regular basis or randomly. You can even opt for a 12 screen drug test, as it is quite reliable.

With saliva drug test following drugs can be identified

  • Marijuana
  •   Cocaine
  •   Opiates
  •   Phencyclidine (PCP)
  •   Amphetamine
  •   Methamphetamine
  •   Alcohol
  •   Benzodiazepines

The benefit of saliva drug test

Easy to use

It is easy to perform a saliva drug test. The sample for saliva drug test can be collected without much effort. You may not require a large number of tools to perform a saliva drug test that’s why it can be performed anywhere.

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Non-invasive method

In order to perform this tests suspect need to go to the laboratory or bathrooms to give the sample. A saliva sample is non-invasive.


This drug test is more cost effective than blood and hair tests. You can click here to get more information related to a drug test.

Quick results

With saliva drug test quick and accurate results can be produced. You can get the result for saliva drug test within 5-10 minutes. There are no privacy issues associated with saliva drug test that’s why it can be performed easily at workplaces.